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Welcome to Bellevue Bicycle Workshop

Bellevue Bicycle Workshop is a South London based mobile bicycle maintenance and repair service. It can attend the home or workplace. The workshop is totally pedal powered and carries all the necessary tools and popular replacement parts for fitting to complete the work at your location. Parts can also be ordered prior to your appointment.


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All estimates are free and flexible according to location and scheduling.

I have used Bellevue Bicycle Workshop for the past 6 years and wouldn’t go anywhere else. I find the service personable and accommodating
— Claire, Tooting.
Tim runs a jolly efficient service
— John, Wandsworth
I went out for a 60 mile ride yesterday and it was such a pleasure to ride
— Elisa, Wimbledon
Feels like new every time and stays that way for months meaning that I can enjoy a safe and comfortable commute
— George, Holborn

I pride myself on a 1-2-1 service, tailored to meet my clients' specific needs and requirements. For the past 17 years I have worked in an array of cycle shops from local to high end, servicing the community in various markets. The overriding ethos of Bellevue Bicycle Workshop is to make sure people enjoy riding their bikes and have the upmost confidence every time they use it. 

From young to old, wheelchairs to road bikes, personal mobility is very important to me.