Kiosk servicing & repair prices

1 Bellevue Rd, SW17 7EG. Mon-Fri 8-7, Sat 10-6, Sun 10-4.

Basic service

from £45-60
Designed for light use. Only includes fitting of nominal parts. £15 surcharge for drive-train degreasing & cleaning

Full service

Designed for heavy / everyday use.
Fully cleaned & degreased.

Race-day service 

Bicycle fully stripped & each component individually serviced. Also includes full cable set fitted for SRAM/Shimano systems.

Designed for light users:

A basic service includes:

  • Tyres and tubes inspected & inflated

  • Wheels trued (whilst in frame)

  • Gear limits & cable tensions adjusted

  • Brakes, pads and levers inspected & adjusted

  • Headset checked.

  • All bolts inspected and torqued

Designed for everyday / heavy use:

Includes all of the basic service plus:

  • Frame, fork, wheels and drivetrain fully cleaned & lubricated

  • Hubs inspected, cleaned & re-greased

  • Headset inspected, cleaned & re-greased

  • Bottom bracket removed & cleaned

  • All pivots / cables inspected & lubricated

Recommended for more mechanical advantage:

Includes all of the other services and:

  • Bicycle fully stripped, cleaned and inspected

  • Strip & re-grease both hubs

  • Tension & true wheels

  • Strip & re-grease headset

  • Strip & re-grease bottom bracket

Single speed full service from £60
Designed for heavy / everyday use

All of the basic service plus:

Bottom bracket, hubs & headset serviced.